It's in the air

Can you see it?                   Can you feel it?                     Can you smell it?


                                                           Spring is on its way!

There is a palpable shift in the air in Boston when Spring is getting closer even though we know we can’t count on it coming smoothly. Part of the joy of living in New England is the unpredictable daily and weekly changes in the weather. Last week we had two 70’ days when everyone was out on the streets and in the parks sporting short sleeves leaving their coats at home. Only those unaccustomed to our climate walked out their front door with their down jacket and hat. The next day it snowed – welcome to New England.


I love all seasons which is one of the reasons the Northeast is my home base. Anticipation of the next season means changing up the wardrobe and Spring into Summer bring out favorite clothes and colors. After two summers of shoulders showing off in so many different styles I was ready to start designing something new to highlight but guess what? Those sexy shoulders will be out again this spring and summer, and at least one of my new designs will keep yours showing. One reason exposing shoulders has remained a key element of so many designs is that it is a body part that when exposed universally looks great whether you’re tall, short, thin, curvy; shoulders are sexy and the style is flattering.

IMG_7975 (1).jpg

As I walk through trade shows and showrooms deciding on items I’d like to carry in the shop on Nantucket, on the website, or bring to Trunk Shows, I gravitate towards bright colors and stripes. As the season gets closer it is so fun to start receiving everything I’ve ordered. My focus then becomes sharing that excitement with customers who I know will love new pieces too!!! 

remy bag blog pic.jpg

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our Instagram for all the new looks we can't wait to share: @remystressenger


Looking back and moving forward

While unpacking and cataloguing items brought back from my store on Nantucket I can’t help but think about all of the experiences the first season of owning a store provided. Hands down, my favorite part of opening the store has been meeting so many wonderful and interesting people including my fellow Wharf neighbors. I really enjoyed the stories shared, and laughing with so many visitors. Whether it was someone’s first trip to Nantucket, their 20th or they live on the island, I enjoyed talking about so much more than just clothing with them.

One of my favorite guests was a retired dentist from Canton. He was interested in the swing that I sell and initially took my business card so he could think about it. He came back to the store a few minutes later telling me that he enjoyed talking to me so much that he wanted to buy the swing immediately.

He told me that my business card shouldn’t just say “Designer / Founder”, it should “also say beautiful lady”. When he was next to me at the counter he asked me the cutest question. Since he was with his wife, he asked me “do you think if I buy her a bloody Mary she’ll make out with me on the dock?” He was so cute, engaging, happy and wonderful, and one of the many highlights of my summer.

There was also the charming lady from South Carolina who visited the store several days in a row, until we started to joke and say, “see you tomorrow” with a smile and laugh. She came in with her daughter, then her mother and daughter and sometimes alone. Each visit with her was full of laughter and mutual admiration. She loved the REMY shawls and a few of them now enjoy life in South Carolina.

At times I heard confessions, counseled a parent or jilted lover, but mostly I laughed. Often I would see someone standing under my REMY sign outside having their picture taken. Other times I’d have kids coming in bashfully smiling, telling me that “Remy” is their name. One little boy named Remy was a little upset to know that the Remy who owned the store was female. Guests asked to purchase a sign I painted, a rock I painted and anything that had the REMY logo on it.

When I learned someone’s name was also Remy I gave them something with our logo on it. I felt such pleasure in seeing smiles on younger children’s faces as they finally had something with their name on it because growing up I never was able to find anything saying “Remy”.

I’m busy working on new designs for next summer on Nantucket and hope to see some REMY pieces in other locations and fabulous vacation spots. I look forward to more stories, expanding our customer base and followers and learning more about new people we meet.

Thank you for a wonderful first year experience.


The word on the street

It has been a busy holiday season and a whirlwind start to 2016. Still, I find myself always restored by time spent with friends and family and day after day my amazing clients keep me excited, inspired and driven to create. I have received so much incredible feedback from you all and wanted to take a minute to share the word on the street about REMY Creations.....

"Holy Heaven! Just got my chashmere shawl and I'm in love. Soft and beautiful. Will be wearing this all the time! It's like a hug from above! Already thinking about buying another!"

-Amy Adamshick Suchdolski


"Always stunning and great colors!"

-Lee Higgins


"Superheroes wear REMY shawls!"

-Britt Lee's son



-Rachel Kroner Hanselman

"...Remy is a great friend of mine and her gorgeous signature shawls are unlike any you have seen or worn. My cashmere REMY shawl is my go to staple - perfect for all seasons, even the cooler Duxbury summer nights. It not only has the coziness and warmth of a wrap but my REMY shawl has style and flair that makes it fun to wear. The best part is you can customize with great color options in herringbone wool/cashmere or silk and then choose from a great selection of leather colors for the trim. The options are endless!..."

-Amy Wilson



I feel so blessed for so many things in my life. I am truly fortunate to be following my passion while surrounded by those I love and those who love me. I cannot thank each one of you enough for your enthusiasm , encouragement and support. Keep watching. There's so much more to come!



The Herringbone Story

   I've been asked a few times why I only use herringbone for my wool and cashmere shawls. Given the fact that it is difficult to find the "hand"of herringbone in the wool and cashmere that I want, why do I continue to use this particular pattern.

   The herringbone pattern has always reminded me of my father. When I was a little girl he wore herringbone blazers often and when I got a little older, my mother kept his old blazers up in our attic. I used to climb up into the attic and put my hands in the pockets and find treasures there that he had left long ago. Once in a while I would try on those blazers and feel like I was getting a hug from him. It was the closest I could come to getting one of his hugs because my father died when I was seven years old.

  When you're that young and lose a parent it's hard to find ways to keep them in your life and to keep a sense of them around you. Herringbone has always reminded me of him, as well as daisies. Every painting I've ever done contains a small daisy in my signature.

   I have a very strong faith and I have always believed that objects and people are put into our lives for specific reasons. To guide us or lead us on the path that we are meant to take. I believe that when I was searching for the first fabric to use for my shawl design and stumbled upon a gorgeous navy and white herringbone, it was meant to be. While I've seen other wools and cashmeres that would look gorgeous as shawls I haven't deviated from the herringbone pattern. I believe that somehow my dad has a hand in my success and that continues to drive me forward.

   I truly hope that when you wear one of my shawls you feel the love that goes into every stitch.



What is it about summer?

I love all of the seasons. Each one has its own distinct look, feel and style of life. And while I don’t really have a favorite season, there is something special about summer.


There is a quality to summer unlike the rest of the year that creates such allure and build up.  To me summer is about spending time with my children and loved ones, no schedules, hanging out at the beach or on boats, enjoying beautiful sunsets while the moon rises on the opposite horizon, awesome summer storms with booming thunder and bright lightning, and of course the light colorful styles of summer fashion.

When I look through my closets there are more pieces that can be worn during the warmer months or vacations in the sun, than any other season. It’s odd since those particular pieces make it out of the closet for the shortest period of time. Regardless, it doesn’t stop me from looking at, buying and now designing clothing that is perfect for warmer climates. Bright colors, bold patterns and flowing fabrics are some of my favorite things in fashion and the summer is just the time to experiment with these.   So although I’m knee deep into our family summer bucket list, doing all the fun things we set out to do before the start of the next school year, I still have my sketch pad in hand while the inspiration of the season abounds!

Photo by Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc / Getty Images

Photo by Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc / Getty Images

Who knows what it is about summer. Maybe it’s the bronzed skin. Maybe it’s that friends come to visit and the family has time together relaxing, cooking and playing. Maybe it’s just that waking up in the sunshine every morning makes smiles a little easier. Whatever it is, it’s the good life!




The loves of my life

I have two children and I consider them my greatest blessing in life. I don’t take them--or the moments I get to spend with them--for granted. They have spent their summers growing up on Cape Cod taking sailing lessons or chilling out, which is what I think summer is all about. We start most mornings walking on the beach with our dog looking for treasures that the waves washed ashore during the night. We end most days with incredible sunsets. And at least once each summer we have been lucky enough to see a rainbow. All three of these natural beauties are some of my favorite things in life and where I find inspiration and awe.

Finding a perfectly intricate seashell while on vacation or the simple ones that are here in New England make me feel like I’ve found a treasure. There are jars on my entrance table that hold some of the gems I’ve found through the years, and each time I walk by them, I smile.


The breathtaking colors that sunrise and sunset bring each day are sheer magic, and another one of my life treasures. While my son was away at school this year one of the ways he stayed in touch was to send me photos of the sunrises he saw near the water. It makes me so happy to know that he appreciates the awesomeness of their beauty and felt compelled to say “good morning” to me with an image he knew I’d love. As he has been my beachcomber companion since he was a little, memories of walking coastlines with him, sometimes carrying him, are some of my most precious.

My third treasure: rainbows. I grew up loving rainbows. I had rainbow wallpaper in my bedroom, rainbow moonboots in the winter, rainbow jewelry, etc. I’m sure it’s part of the reason I love vibrant colors. In each home I’ve lived in, and some of my apartments, there hasn’t been a white room. Each room is painted or wallpapered in a rich color. My love of color is what draws me to eye-catchingly, gorgeous fabrics and drives me to create the next pieces to add to our portfolio of designs.


Stay tuned – I just found my next bolt of fabric…..